If life’s a drag - hold on and enjoy the ride!

Su Kay is a passionate kiter, board rider and coach, who has been immersed in kitesports for over a decade in all aspects of the industry.  Her kiting career has been anchored in manufacture, retail, repair and instruction, but Su also ventured into being an event organiser, competition director,  judge and media liaison.  A true believer in taking part she still competes occasionally to support the industry and is current New Zealand Women’s Champion and 2nd on the KTA - 2011/12 season. Why the passion for kiting?  Su says it’s a recreation that has something in it for everyone and keeps you fit and learning something new while having fun.  It is also something you can take up when you are young or old, whether you are land- locked, in the snow or on the beach.  The beauty of the skills you learn is that they cross-over so well to other board sports, such as SUP, surf, skate, mountainboard, snow, wake and cable.

It is time to fly, before time flees

Would you like to experience the freedom that comes with harnessing the wind, become a more confident kiteboarder or just have an experienced kite buddy who can help you improve on your annual vacation? Su Kay is currently planning her 2012/13 season, which means you can book some of her time for lessons, trips, clinics etc.  Email Su now on su@suk.co.nz  and don’t miss out on enjoying the ride!
Who, why, when and where?
Su Kay throwing it big at the Cable Park.  Kiteboarding and Cable-boarding are very complimentary sports.
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Follow her comeback to riding after ACL surgery, get ideas for progression and ask her questions and pick up tips to improve your riding.